Acer Palmatum Maple Plant – Momiji “Bloodgood”

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  • Form: Bush.
  • Botanical Name: Acer Palmatum.
  • Common Name: Acero Palmato, Acero Giapponese, Momiji.
  • Original: Appartenente alla Famiglia delle Aceraceae originario dell’Estremo Oriente (Giappone, Korea, Taiwan, Cina).
  • Variety: Bloodgood
  • Color: From Bordeaux color in spring, tending to bronze in the summer to get to have a red-purple color in autumn before falling.
  • Foliage: Deciduous Leaf.
  • Form: Small, lobes 5-9.
How to Grow
  • Resistance to Cold: Up to -20 ° / -25 °.
  • Exposure: Partial shade or in the sun during the morning and shade in the afternoon.
How to Keep
  • Pruning: It does not require special pruning, just in case you want to delete branches in unwanted positions.
  • Irrigation: Water thoroughly after planting. Then providing only water when the soil is almost dry.