Dipladenia or Sundaville – Pot 30cm – Red


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Available Countries

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Details Plant

*Hight: 170 cm.

Container: ø 30 cm.

*The height of the plant depends on the season, pruning and maintenance.


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  • Category: Dipladenia.
  • Particularity: Evergreen climbing plant.
  • Variety: Dipladenia, Sundaville.
  • Color: Red.
  • Form: Specifically, cylindrical, narrow at the base, wider and rounded at the top.
  • Flowering Period: Spring and Summer.
  • Evergreen.
  • Color: Dark green.
  • Form: Oval, smooth, pointed and of modest size.
How to Grow
  • Resistance to Cold: Protect from frost. It dies at temperatures lower than 5°C ~ 8°C. The optimum growth temperature is between 18°C ~ 22°C by day and 14°C ~ 16°C at night.
  • Exposure: Full sun, (it grows well in partial shade but produce few flowers and many leaves).


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