Dwarf Pomegranate – Punica Granatum Dwarf Gracilis Plant


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Details Plant

*Hight: 20~25 cm.

Container: ø 20 cm.

*The height of the plant depends on the season, pruning and maintenance.



  • Category: Dwarf Pomegranate, Punica Granatum Dwarf Gracilis.
  • Particularity: Ornamental plant, bushy shrub that can be grown in pots on terraces and balconies, or in the ground to form the low hedges.
  • Deciduous: It loses its leaves in winter by staying with the attacked fruit.
  • Color: Light green.
  • Form: Small, oblong with slightly wavy edge.
  • Color: Orange-red.
  • Form: They have a tough cup that holds 5 to 7 oval petals and slightly curled on the edge, in colors from red to pale yellow. Once fallen remains the tuft of stamens, which is also very ornamental.
  • Flowering Period: May – September.
How to Grow
  • Resistance to Cold: -10° C.
  • Exposure: Full sun.

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