False Holly (Variegated) – Pot 24cm


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*Hight: 30~40 cm.

Container: ø 24 cm.

*The height of the plant depends on the season, pruning and maintenance.



  • Category: Osmanthus Heterophyllus.
  • Common Name: False Holly, Holly Osmanthus, Holly Olive.
  • Particularity: The species used in gardens are generally hardy, however, their outdoor cultivation with excellent results in areas where winters are not too rigid.
  • Slow-growing evergreen shrubs.
  • Color: Green color from yellow margins.
  • Form: Holly. elliptic to oval to oblong, deeply toothed, leathery, glossy, up to 6 cm, often without thorns on mature plants.
  • Color: White.
  • Form: Bloom in small bunches axillary flowers, followed by fruits tubular fragrant blue-blacks up to 1cm long.
  • Flowering Period: From late summer to autumn.

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