Hayward Kiwi Fruit Plant – Female

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  • Category: Actinidia – Kiwi Fruit.
  • Particularity: The Kiwi is a native of China, and it fits very well to our climate. From the dietary point of view, the fruit contains the highest percentage of mineral salts and vitamin C. It is virtually free of toxic residues of pesticides and preservatives, since it has no parasites and stored without difficulty. This variety is the most popular for the very large size of the fruit.
  • Variety: Hayward Female Pollinator.
How to Purchase

Kiwi Male: Quantity one (1) Plant.

Kiwi Female: Quantity three (3) Plants.

  • Hayward Kiwi Fruit Plant (Female).
  • Size: Very large.
  • Season: Beginning of November.