Hybrid Tea Rose – Golden Tower

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  • Category: Hybrid Tea Rosa.
  • Original Name: Golden Tower.
  • Italian Name: Golden Tower.
  • English Name: Golden Tower.

Rose noble with extremely large flowers of a warm dark yellow color. This flower makes it particularly well suited to be cut flower and to beautify compositions in pots. The elegant flowers are supported by long and strong stems.

Legend Star
★ +
☆ –


2 years.

Diam. flower

12~14 cm.

Plant Hight

120~150 cm.

The height of the plant may depending on the Seasons, the Pruning and the Maintenance.



Plant per square meter



★★☆☆ midium.

Disease resistance

★★★☆ black spot.

Frost resistance



in small groups, cut flowers.

Special features

The flowers have a long vase life.

Roses in pots can be planted all year round.