Kaki Apple Persimmon Tree – Pot 26cm

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  • Botanical Name: Diospyros kaki.
  • Common Name: Japanese persimmon, Chinese persimmon, Kaki (from Japanese name), Kaki persimmon, and Oriental persimmon.
  • Family: Ebenacee.
  • Origin: East Asia, Japan.
  • Particularity: Ancient fruit.
  • Variety: Apple.
  • *Autofertile.

*No need for Pollinators.

  • Color: Orange.
  • Form: Roundish.
  • Pulp: Soda. Astringent to the collection, wait for the result to zero edible.
  • Production: From the second, third year of the plant, in a way directly proportional to the age.
  • Property:
    • Cleansing.
    • Diuretic.
    • Energy.
    • Laxative.
    • Mineralizing
    • Vitaminizing
  • Flavor: Sweet.
  • Uses: Consumption
  • Season: End of October.