Muso di Bove Apple Tree – Pot 26cm


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Details Plant

*Hight: 170 cm.

Container: ø 24~26 cm.

Age: 4 years.

*The height of the plant depends on the season, pruning and maintenance.



  • Category: Apple Tree.
  • Particularity: Ancient Fruit, Resistant to Scab.
  • Variety: Muso di Bove.
  • Color: Two striated colors, Yellow and Red.
  • Dimensions: Big.
  • Form: Elongated.
  • Pulp: White, Crisp, very Fragrant
  • Production: The Fruiting Plants begin to be productive from the second to the fourth year of the plant, in direct proportion to age same.
  • Flavor: Acidulous, Fresh and very Enjoyable.
  • Season: September.

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