Nerium Oleander – White Rosé – Alsace (Single Flower) – Pot 22cm


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Details Plant

*Hight: 60~80 cm.

Container: ø 22 cm.

*The height of the plant depends on the season, pruning and maintenance.


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  • Category: Nerium Oleander.
  • Common Name: Oleander.
  • Particularity: Widespread bushy plants both in the city, in the gardens and flower beds, and along the roads and highways which are recognized by the abundant flowering and elongated leaves characteristics.
  • Variety: Alsace.
  • Color: White Rosé.
  • Petals: Single bloom.
  • Form: Large and showy, radially symmetrical, arranged in terminal buds.
  • Flowering Period: Beginning in April or May and continues throughout the summer until autumn.
  • Evergreen.
  • Color: Green.
  • Form: Hairless, leathery, arranged in whorls of 2-3, shortly stalked, with entire margin and strong and prominent midrib. The lamina is lanceolate, acute apex, 1-2 cm wide and 10-14 cm long.
How to Grow
  • Resistance to Cold: 0° / -5° C.
  • Esposure: Full Sun.

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