Nostalgic Rose – Capri

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  • Category: Nostalgic Rose.
  • Original Name: Capri.
  • Italian Name: Capri.

The warm tone of orange-apricot of this scented nostalgic rose makes you think of a romantic sunset. The rose forms a well-rounded shrub and has a medium-sized dark and glossy foliage. The fragrance is reminiscent of ripe apricots and honey.

Legend Star
★ +
☆ –


2 years.

Diam. flower

8~10 cm.

Plant Hight

70~100 cm.

The height of the plant may depending on the Seasons, the Pruning and the Maintenance.


★★★★☆ pleasant fragrance reminiscent of honey and apricots.

Plant per square meter



★★★★ midium.

Disease resistance

★★★☆ black spot.

Frost resistance



small groups, back of borders.

Special features

An exceptional and stable colore even at intensive sunlight. Like many fragrant roses the flowers might be a bit rain sensitive.