Patio Rose – Bienenweide Rose

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  • Category: Ground Cover Rose.
  • Original Name: Bienenweide Rose.
  • English Name: Bees Paradise Rose Pink.

This very disease resistant Bees Paradise Rose is slightly more prostrate than other varieties in this collection and could also be used as a patio shrub rose. It lends itself also for mixed planting schemes with herbaceous plants and other small shrubs. Bees Paradise Rose Pink is very floriferous, repeats rapidly and thus provides a colorful display during the season.

Legend Star
★ +
☆ –


2 years.

Diam. flower

2~4 cm.

Plant Hight

40~60 cm.

The height of the plant may depending on the Seasons, the Pruning and the Maintenance.



Plant per square meter



★★★★ Mildew.

Disease resistance

★★★★ black spot.




small groups, borders, rockeries, containers, inc. window boxes and hanging baskets.

Roses in pots can be planted all year round.